Historical GIS 2008

University of Essex, UK.

21-22nd August 2008






HGIS 2008 was held at the University of Essex, UK, in August 2008. The conference attracted 124 participants from 18 different countries. 40.3% of participants came from the UK, 29.8% from 12 other European countries, 20.2% came from North America, and the remainder came from Japan (8.1%), Malaysia and New Zealand. In all 76 papers were presented on topics ranging from technical and infrastructural issues (such as databases, gazetteers and user interfaces); dissemination and publication using the web and historical atlases; to and an incredible variety of applied research on topics as diverse as transport history, art and literature, urban studies, environmental and agricultural history, historical demography, and regional studies. The local organisers at the University of Essex: Zoe Bliss, Veerle Van Den Eynden, and the staff of the UK Data Archive deserve a huge vote of thanks for making such a large conference work so smoothly.

Clearly the large participation at this conference indicates a large international demand for such events. We are working towards organising further meetings in the future and will publise them in due course.

A copy of the conference website has been preserved for reference.

The conclusion report for the grant that funded this including feedback from the conference is also available.

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